Objects Get a Whole New Purpose in These Intriguing Illustrations

When people see a brass horn, their first thought is making music with it. For French graphic designer and illustrator Pierre-Henry Roy, this brass horn serves as a perfect ice cream cone.

Roy, also known as Three Koma on Instagram, is a graphic artist who enjoys repurposing objects and giving them out of ordinary features and meanings. In his beautifully done illustrations, sardine cans become comfortable beds, birdhouse serves as a washing machine, while the smartphone provides a window to the outer world.

According to Roy, he grew up wanting to be a painter and admired the works of both classical and contemporary painters. This love for painting ended up translating into his works as a graphic designer.

“I like to work on perspective, I refine the staging, the details, and the shadows. I’m inspired by my other passions such as music, video games, skateboarding and digital. I observe the world around me and divert objects,” he told Fubiz in a recent chat.

Check out some of these awesome artworks below.