The Account Mocks Typical Instagram Photos in the Most Hilarious Way

Image by @omgliterallydead / Instagram

The Instagram account @omgliterallydead hilariously mocks typical girl photos with the help of skeleton named Skellie.

She is your average fashion girl living her basic life and capturing every moment in a picture-perfect Instagram photos. What makes her different from other bloggers is the fact that she is an actual skeleton dressed like an “It-girl.” The account was created by Dana Herlihey, a social media manager based in Toronto.

“A plastic skeleton arrived at my office as a Halloween decoration [and] my coworkers and I really took to it,”Herlihey told us. “One day I came to work early and saw that someone had taped a Starbucks cup to [its] hand. I thought this was hilarious—it was at the height of the Pumpkin Spice Latte craze, so I took a photo and posted it to my personal Instagram. Needless to say, it all kind of snowballed from there,” Dana told Stylecaster.

As of today, Skellie has more than 260k followers and she continues to amaze her fans with her daily activities and cliché interests. Check out her latest posts below.








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Fri-yay, I love you a-latte! ☕️💖

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