One Company Developed a Tongue-Operated Trackpad

Tech company Augmental has developed a product that promises to revolutionize how people control their electronic devices. The product is called MouthPad and acts as a tongue-operated trackpad.

The user places MouthPad in their mouth and then pairs it up with their electronic device. The MouthPad’s sensors then pick up the movement of the tongue and translate it to action on the device. Imagine it like a laptop trackpad, but instead of your finger, you are using your tongue.

MouthPad can be used to successfully execute various tasks, including writing emails, using photo and video editing software, playing video games, and more.

“We’re not just reinventing the computer mouse — we’re reframing the human experience. From gamers performing multi-dimensional moves to artists crafting digital masterpieces, the potential is limitless. What will you create with the MouthPad^?” the company explains.

According to Augmental, MouthPad’s slim design makes it hardly noticeable when used and provides a minimum effect on speech. This means that, in theory, you can easily switch between performing tasks and speaking with someone. Also, every piece is custom-built to provide the perfect fit for the users.

At the moment, MouthPad is in the Early Access phase, those interested can join the waitlist on Augmental’s website and be among the first ones to try it.