X User Goes Viral After Getting 36 Blocks of Cheese in Aldi’s “Grocery Surprise Bag”

X (former Twitter) user Blair recently had a surprise of his life. He purchased Aldi’s “Grocery Surprise Bag” and ended up with 36 blocks of cheese. And he only paid £3.30 ($4.20) for the haul.

Blair made his purchase through Too Good to Go, a mobile app that connects users with restaurants and stores that have a surplus of food they would like to sell for lower prices. Grocery chain Aldi is part of the app’s networks and frequently offers “Grocery Surprise Bags”, which can contain all sorts of products, from sausages and bread to blocks of cheese.

Blair showcased his Aldi “Grocery Surprise Bag” haul in a video posted on X. The clip shows a package of Korean-style BBQ Beef before the camera turns to a cardboard box filled with 36 blocks of cheese.

Blair’s post got a lot of attention on social media, being viewed 6.6 million times and receiving close to 5K retweets. It also prompted other X users to share some of their own “Grocery Surprise Bag” hauls, including eight sausage rolls and eight donuts, boxes full of veggies, and a package of 54 bread rolls and 67 cookies.

The news about Blair’s “Grocery Surprise Bag” reached Too Good to Go as well, causing their social media team to react with a message full of cheese puns.