WD-40 Cologne? This Strange Combo is Going Viral

MSCHF, a company known for its unique and often controversial creations, has once again grabbed the spotlight. This time, it’s with a product that’s as baffling as it is intriguing: WD-40 Cologne. As the interest in workwear hits a new peak, MSCHF has cleverly tapped into this trend, delivering a product that’s turning heads and wrinkling noses.

The Scent

Packaged in a twist-nozzle spray bottle, the cologne bears a striking resemblance to the iconic WD-40 lubricant can, both in color and design. The formulation is simple yet unconventional, comprising 58% alcohol, 48% fragrance, and a mere 2% water. This bold combination is not just a statement in design but also in scent, as it claims to capture the essence of the popular anti-corrosion spray.

A Viral Sensation

The release of this industrial-scented cologne has quickly become a viral sensation, stirring curiosity and amusement across various social media platforms. Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat reviewed the cologne, describing its aroma as unmistakably similar to WD-40 and summarizing the experience as “as awful as you can imagine.” 

Sold Out and Sought After

Despite, or perhaps because of, its unconventional nature, the MSCHF WD-40 Cologne quickly sold out on the company’s website. But there’s a waiting list, hinting at another drop soon.