Painter Draws Cute Animal Portraits On Pennies

Crooked Tree is a small business and the creation of artist Denise Fisher. For years, the gifted painter has been exploring different types of painting, however, she recently began drawing animal portraits on pennies, and she loves it!

“I guess you can say my priorities have shifted,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I started painting with the same dream so many artists have, the one of gallery showings and constant praise, along with a hefty paycheck. But now, I’ve realized that making others happy with such a tiny painting brings more joy than an impersonal canvas shipped to an unknown buyer.”

In addition to miniature pet portraits, you can find beautiful landscapes, wild animals, and characters from famous animated movies on her Instagram page.

To see Fisher’s artwork, have a look at her website, or check out her Instagram page called crookedtreeart, where she shares her teeny-tiny artworks.