Parents Imagined Their Family As Cats

Francesca Hause and her husband are the creators of Litterbox Comics, a comic about being parents of two boys. According to Francesca, being a parent is weird but usually pretty funny, as well.

“I’ve found being a mom can be as hilarious as it is stressful,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “My coping mechanism has been to turn our family (mis)adventures into comics, but as I hate drawing people, I’ve created an animal world where some feral tendencies still apply!”

Previously, she made three parts, however, this time she worked on her style and upgraded it.

“I’ve updated my art-style since the last time, so there are a couple of ‘remasters’ in this batch, but I tried to add a new twist, rather than just redrawing them,” she added.

If you are interested to see more of Litterbox Comics, you can find it on social media and on Webtoons where the couple posts bonus panels to a lot of these comics.