Enter a Dreamy World With teamLab

The Japanese digital art association teamLab is quite well known for their incredible digital installations that let you enter the world of dreams. Their latest project, teamLab Planets Tokyo, is perhaps the best and most amazing work the team has made so far.  

Made using digital technology, many of the installations are designed to be transformed according to the interactions of the visitors. The limit between the body and the artwork becomes ambiguous, and this will make people think about their connection to the world. 

For example, in the installation “Drawing on the surface of the water” you can see a pond that looks like it has fish in it. As visitors, you can step in the ‘water’, and at that moment the area comes to life with animated fish that change direction and speed. If the fish encounters a visitor or another fish, it disappears and leaves a spectrum of colors behind.  

In another installation called “Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers,” visitors witness the seasonal changes in flowers. You can watch the flowers grow, bloom and wither. They compare it to human life and how fragile it can be.