Patrick Nelson Creates Vintage Collages

Patrick Nelson creates these vintage collages that clearly show how big his imagination is. The paper artist uses raw materials that contribute to the authenticity of his works. He collects old vintage newspapers and carefully chooses parts of them for his projects. The result is amazing. See for yourself below.

Unlike many other collage artists who use tissue, colorful paper, and cardboard, Nelson chose newspaper and it influenced his style a lot. The California-based artist also loves fonts and images from newspapers that are at least sixty years old. You can imagine that gathering the material is one of the most tedious parts of his work. Once he has them, the creative part can start. He creates images from layers of paper and works on his favorite themes: the summer, swimming, the West Coast, surfers, etc.

He sometimes changes the original color of the paper, but does it carefully, using ink and watercolors, trying to keep the text visible. This results in interesting, colorful pieces that are a big part of his portfolio.

You can see more of Nelson’s work on his Instagram page, where he has over 8,000 followers. In the meantime, check out the works we picked out for you below.