The Colorful Portraits of Lui Ferreyra

Denver-based Lui Ferreyra is a visual artist who has been working for around two decades. He combines digital and analog techniques to create his famous layered portraits. The artist creates portraits by overlapping outlined fragments which he then fills with lines for shadow and light effect.

“Since the early 2000s, Lui Ferreyra has developed a technique which implements geometric fragments that coalesce into complex color-fields. In their totality, these color-fields call attention to the faculty of seeing itself. Through the classical tradition of oil on canvas, his works depict a break-down of subject-matter in an aesthetic that is evocative of today’s digital-age,” reads his website.

He always uses bold colors and geometric shapes to emphasize the people in his portraits. He always knew he’d become an artist; he had a supportive family who discovered his talent early and continued to work on his talent throughout childhood and adulthood. As he said in an interview for American Express Essentials, there was never a doubt that he’d become a professional artist.

Ferreyra was born in Mexico and moved to the US with his family when he was 11. Art helped him connect with peers while he struggled to learn English. See his work below and find more on Instagram.