Postcards By Hannah Found Self-Confidence By Traveling the World

Sometimes we have to leave our home behind to truly find ourselves—or at least that happened to be the case with one British travel blogger. The founder of Postcards By Hannah managed to rebuild her self-confidence once she decided to travel the world.

Hannah used to work in the travel industry long before starting her own blog. After making travel itineraries for a luxury African Safari company, she went on to work as a salesperson for a worldwide tour operator, but this job messed with her confidence and self-esteem.

She decided to leave it all behind and start her own travel blog, while also running the Instagram page @InstaBritain. She decided to share her stories with the world because she was dealing with loneliness and anxiety at the time, and wanted to find a community of people who will make her feel seen.

“I felt as though my deep emotions were invalid as I was a bubbly, outwardly happy person. I turned to Instagram because it was a space I felt as though I could be myself and have others relate to me,” she explains on her blog.

It’s been a few years since she started Postcards By Hannah in 2016, and this decision proved to be a game-changer. She’s traveled to many new places over the years, often on her own, and shared her travel tips with a community of over 320,000 readers.