Reality Star Sam Thompson Pulls Pranks On His Girlfriend

Pranks are 100% one of the most-watched videos in the universe called “Internet”. And honestly, in these crazy times, we need something to bring smiles to our faces and raise those happy hormone levels. That is why Sam Thompson, a cast member of the English reality series titled Made in Chelsea, likes to prank his girlfriend and create hilarious videos.

The 29-year-old Thompson first becomes famous back in 2013 when he joined Made In Chelsea. However, he soon became a social media star. His favorite person to prank is his current girlfriend Zara McDermott, a former cast member from a British dating game show Love Island.

Scaring McDermott to death, some of the pranks he’s done include putting powder in her hairdryer and throwing whipped cream into her face. But besides being the victim, she also joins him in his funny videos. Lately, Thompson has been putting on makeup, a blonde wig, and tight dresses, re-creating his girlfriend’s girly behaving. And let’s be honest, the content is hilarious.

That is why he has gained an audience of more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 7.2 million likes on TikTok.

Check out some of our favorite clips below.