South Korean Tattoo Artist Does Beautiful Anime-Inspired Tattoos

There is a belief that once you start getting tattoos, you become addicted. Especially if you find a good tattoo artist. Whether it is true or not, everyone has the choice to do with their body what they want. Either way, getting inked is not a new thing. People have used it to decorate their bodies since ancient times. Let us introduce you to a talented and very popular tattoo artist whose work is followed by almost a million people.

His name is Woojin Choi, but he is more recognizable by his nickname Oozy. The 31-year-old South Korean tattoo artist is self-taught. He started his career six years ago when he purchased a cheap tattoo machine. Instead of books, he used YouTube tutorials as his guidance. And that is how his first creation was born.

He does all kinds of tattoos, but anime tattoos are his favorite. His work is mostly done using only black ink. But sometimes, he likes to add a touch of color. He currently has more than 950,000 Instagram followers, and on YouTube, his videos have been watched over 14 million times.

If you like tattoos and want to get one, you should check him out. You can see some of our favorites in the gallery below.