Japanese Watercolor Painter Combines Blooming Flowers and Cats

The works of Japanese artist Hiroki Takeda are simple in nature, mostly depicting cats and blooming flowers. But the way he combines these two subjects into vivid watercolor paintings is something worthy of admiration.

Each of Takeda’s paintings could be described as a small garden resting on an adorable cat. At first, you notice the shape of a playful or curious cat asking for your attention. But when you look closer, you notice that the cat’s body is actually made out of plants. Flowers, leaves, grass, and vines all intertwine to give the cats their figure and fury-like coat.

Takeda’s artworks are also an intriguing watch due to his preferred color palette. The artist mostly uses warm and vibrant watercolors like red, pink, green, and purple, which enhance the feel-good effect of the painting.

In a recent interview with Colossal, Takeda revealed that his painting style resulted from experiments he had with techniques and practices during his college days. The idea to combine flowers and cats, on the other hand, came quite suddenly.

“One day, I had a moment in my mind when I saw a painting of an animal and its fur looked like a plant,” he shared.

Check out more of Takeda’s works below.