Liudmyla Doichenko Creates Remarkable Oil Paintings

Liudmyla Doichenko, better known as SunnyArtUA on Instagram, is an oil painter who describes her creations as “unique artwork and wall art canvas.” Living and working in Kiev, Ukraine, she has loved art since her early years.

“I was fond of drawing, later I studied computer graphics, illustrated children’s publications,” the artist shared on Etsy. “Not so long ago, I dedicated my time to painting and graphics. I hope my works convey my love not only to the creative process but also carry at least some of the admiration for life, its miraculous moments filled with love and light.”

The artist is inspired by everything that surrounds her, which can be seen in her oil paintings. She depicts human portraits, nature and animals, and peaceful still life. To create her art, Doichenko uses high-quality materials.

If you’re intrigued, have a look at her Instagram page below where she shares images of her creations. You can also check out her Etsy store and purchase some of her paintings.