Russian Artist Makes Handmade Dolls and They Are Beautiful

Do you still have your favorite childhood doll? To the talented Russian artist, Helena Oplakanska, dolls are so much more than a toy. Over the years, dolls have been a staple in many children’s lives, and this fantasy doll-maker has put her own unique spin on collectible dolls.

Helena has been creating unique and handmade collectible dolls since 2005 and loving every part of the process. Her sister, Elena, joined along for the ride and helps her sell the dolls and run the Instagram account.

“She does everything herself, from the hair itself to creating a hairstyle, shoes, and even dresses. Helena also makes the sculpture itself, so every face she carves out is unique,” Helena’s sister, Elena, said in a statement for Bored Panda.

When it comes to selling their impressive fantasy dolls, the two sisters have to come up with the perfect way to do it!

“There is a storytelling trick that screenwriters use. Coming up with the beginning of the story and the ending for the main character. And then we compose everything that happens in the middle,” they shared on an Instagram post.

Check out the gallery below to see their beautiful dolls.

Take a look at their Instagram account here to follow and check out more beautiful and unique creations by these sisters.