Sneha Shanker’s Colorful Illustrations Are Magical

London-based artist Sneha Shanker creates magical illustrations that we fall in love with at first sight. Her work comes from her “unfettered imagination” and the amazing talent she has.

“I feel that a style develops not just with time, but it also needs some intentional efforts,” the artist tells Creative Boom. “I wanted my work to exude a sense of calm as well as feel bright and cheerful.”

We believe she’s succeeding and she also confirms that she’s satisfied with how her style is developing. As she says, her art reflects her personality more and more each day.

Shanker finds that one of the keys to her beautiful art lies in the meditation practice she follows. That’s when the images form in her mind and she later transfers them to her journals. When it comes to inspiration, she looks up to artists like Lisk Fenk and Lorena Alvarez but tries hard not to copy the ideas from them. She prefers finding inspiration in photography, nature, and traveling.

Shanker used to work as a designer before committing to illustration. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram page. Scroll down to see some of her magical illustrations we picked out for you.