Steelberg Makes VHS Tape Art of Popular Movies

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, VHS tapes were the only way you could watch movies and TV shows in the comfort of your home whenever you wanted. And since there was no internet to check out trailers or synopses of the movie or TV show, you would have to rely on covers to give you the necessary info.

They would almost always contain a great-looking poster, excerpt from the review, list of cast, and some excitement-inducing quote to describe its content. This made the VHS tape covers look like some piece of art, and people would often make their choice solely based on them.

Nowadays, VHS technology is obsolete, and there is no need for grandiose packages. People rarely buy physical copies of movies and TV shows, while everything you need to know about them is just one click away.

Still, that didn’t stop an artist known as STEELBERG from making VHS covers the main focus of his digital artworks. This talented individual designs VHS covers for modern popular movies and TV shows, doing it in a way that captures the vibe of the past era. Their works also help imagine how modern releases would look if they came out decades ago.

Check out some of STEELBERG’s creations below.