Summer Sun Creates Watercolor Delights

If you’ve ever tried your hand at using watercolor paints, you know how difficult it can be. It requires a very specific kind of skill, but Summer Sun doesn’t seem to be fazed by it in the slightest. When watching Sun’s Instagram video reels, she makes it look incredibly easy.

There’s a reason that Sun has over 176,000 Instagram followers. It’s not just the fact that her work is brilliant and pleasant to look at. It’s the fact that she always strives to bring her audience into her creative process. She doesn’t just post still photos of her art once it’s completed. She constantly posts video reels of her work process from start to finish, showing us a unique perspective that many artists don’t.

Watching her paint can sometimes be just as satisfying as gazing upon the finished product. In the case of Summer Sun, it can be downright addicting.