Svetlana Mikhaylichenko Discovered the Secret to Perfecting Portraits of People

Svetlana Mikhaylichenko is a 25-year-old artist who has been doing art since she was a little girl. Beautiful landscapes, animal portraits, fruits, and flowers were the things she could depict perfectly, with so much precision. However, she seemed to struggle with drawing people’s portraits. That is, until she realized what the secret behind the perfect (or imperfect) portrait truly was.

One day, one of Mikhaylichenko ‘s friends asked her to draw her portrait. Although Mikhaylichenko wasn’t sure if she could do it properly, she decided she would give it a try.

“I worked on the A4 portrait with a simple pencil for 10 days. I erased, redrew, and finished it many times,” she said in a statement on Bored Panda. “Then I realized that inaccurately portraying people, even the tiniest little dash plays a role, portraying incorrectly, everything goes in the waste. But I did it!”

The rest is history. After that, she worked on many other human portraits. And ten years later, she has painted over 250 portraits.

“Portraits give me great pleasure now, especially if it is a beautiful quality photo that makes incredible paintings! So remember the words of the great master Pablo Picasso and apply them to life,” she added.

If you are curious to see her development, check out the gallery below.