Elders of a UK Care Home Recreate Iconic Music Albums and the Final Products Are Fantastic

Have you ever heard of Robert Speker? If not, let us enlighten you about his “Care Home Album Covers” project. Speker is an activities coordinator at Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgware, UK. He came up with a brilliant idea of entertaining the residents, and inspired them to recreate famous album covers in a unique way.

Speker has a Bachelor of Science in Television Technology and Production from Birmingham City University. However, he is more into working with non-profit organizations, management and event management, fundraising, and healthcare.

In March 2020, when the country went into lockdown due to the pandemic, Speker wanted to find an activity that would keep the residents busy and entertained. He came up with an idea to recreate well-known album covers by using the elderly as models for the covers.

Everything was organized by Speker himself: setting up the scene, lighting, make-up, and costume, taking the photos, and editing them. The elders’ job was to pose for the perfect image. That is how the Care Home Album Covers project was born.

The residents recreated David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane album cover, Michael Jackson’s Bad, Taylor Swifts 1989, The Beatles’ Abby Road photo, and many more. The project gained world popularity and received millions of reactions.

Check out the gallery below if you are curious to see the images.