This Australian Woman Makes Out of This World Hand Soaps

Nowadays, people are returning to nature using handmade soaps made of natural ingredients. Because soap-making is so popular, the market is packed with competitive small entrepreneurs, making it crucial to stand out. And Danii from Star Crossed Soapery is one entrepreneur to look out for.

Using her creativity, the Australian soap-maker creates soap bars inspired by the universe, the earth, and all the magical things surrounding us. They are masterpieces that look like edible cakes. Her journey to “create soaps that are different from your average bar” started in 2014, according to her official website.

“Each soap contains a little piece of my heart and soul. I want my bars to inspire imagination and delight the senses, but also just be a truly nourishing soap that is amazing for your skin,” the crafter stated.

All her products are colorful, made of vegan, palm-free oils and butter, and coconut milk, all packed with a paper cigar band.

If you are also into using handcrafted products, you should definitely check out Danii’s Instagram account. It will be a great feast for your eyes. Scroll down and see our top favorites.