Sweet Karma Bar Makes You Fall in Love with Stained Glass Art

Stained glass art is experiencing a huge boom on Etsy right now, with many creative artists trying to put it on the map. Maria of the Sweet Karma Bar is one of the leaders in this field, and her stained glass creations are as whimsical and dreamy as it gets.

Maria is based in Sebastian, Florida and she’s one of Instagram’s most popular stained glass artists, with 130,000 followers and counting. Her Etsy page is just as impressive and it offers a wide range of stained glasses pieces, shaped like flowers, feathers, mountains, and everything in between.

Maria describes the Sweet Karma Bar as her side of the looking glass, and she specializes in creating “whimsical pieces for the eye, mind & soul.” She offers customized pieces, crafted with a magical array of colors and textured glasses to choose from, in many different shapes and forms.

Whimsical webbings and nature-inspired designs are the staple of Maria’s Instagram page, but stained glass art isn’t her only talent. A series of objects made of wood are also available on her Etsy page, and dreamy mirrors are some of her best creations because they allow her to fuse her two talents into one.