Tamas Kanya Creates Mesmerizing Mandalas Using Materials from Nature

The mandala is a geometric design that is a particularly important part of Hindu and Buddhist religion and culture. However, mandalas are also works of art, recognized for their intricate and often mesmerizing patterns and colors.

Now, we can’t blame you for thinking that the art of creating mandalas is reserved for Asia. But there is one artist from Hungary who adopted this practice while also giving it a unique twist.

Tamas Kanya is a talented artist based in Budapest, Hungary, who creates mandalas using materials from nature. This includes plants, flowers, leaves, shells, pebbles, and everything else that can be considered a natural element. 

Kanya collects the materials for his mandalas during his walks along the river of Danube and field trips into the nearby forests. However, this doesn’t mean he’ll pass up the opportunity to pick up interesting elements wherever he is. 

“I collect everything that is available to me,” Kanya explains. “I collect everything that is available in the immediate environment, where I create my pieces, and I always try to make something new, unique.”

For Kanya, creating mandalas is more about finding relaxation than anything else. But he often shares new designs with his social media followers and enjoys the support they are giving him. Check out more of his works below.