Textile Artist Makes Enchanting Lace Embroideries Using Nature

Agnes Herczeg from Hungary is a gifted, 53-year-old artist who uses found wood, thread, and lace to create her embroidered masterpieces. Inspired by the surrounding nature, Herczeg’s artwork is delicate, time-consuming, and a “very good mind game”.

She graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Budapest. However, her lace-making journey began only back in 2013. Her aesthetic process starts with a sketch, which later turns into beautiful miniature art. Various landscapes, animals, and portraits of a woman doing housework are just some of the pictures the embroiderer ‘draws’ with the help of stitches.

She explains that her favorite part of doing lace embroidery is the process of dying it, because, “is the part when my work becomes a picture”.

“The contour of the needle lace works is made of thin wires, which enables a suitable stiffness. The pattern and density of the stitches within the contours determines the graphics of the given work, which is a process-based completely on improvisation,” she wrote on her website.

To see her unique work, check out the gallery below. If you liked her creations, follow her on Instagram for more. Or take a look at her online shop, where you can purchase the crafts.