Casey Taylor’s Colorful and Quirky Mugs Are a Sight to Behold

Ceramics artists are constantly leaving us in awe with their visionary spirit, and some of their creations are really straight out of our wildest dreams. That’s certainly the case with Casey Taylor, who specializes in crafting some of the most peculiar mugs you’ll ever see.

Taylor’s creations are inspired by nostalgia, retro fast-food packaging, 90’s cartoons, mid-century furniture, and digital culture. She uses ceramics to explore how utility objects became an important part of our daily lives.

“I really enjoy designing and making work for everyday use, and believe the objects in our daily routines should be fun and spark the imagination. They should be a moment of enjoyment that reminds us to connect to each other more often,” explains Taylor on her official website.

Many of her most popular mugs draw inspiration from our favorite fruits and veggies, and come with holders in the shape of eggplants, bananas, and pickles, while others simply feature retro patterns and vivid colors. If you want to get your hands on one of them, head to her official website, and act quickly since they often sell out in a matter of minutes after going live.