Finnish Artist Creates Impressive Warrior Origami from a Single Sheet of Paper

Finnish paper artist Juho Könkkölä is taking origami to a whole new level with his impressive warrior figurines. His pieces are not only detailed and intricate but are also made by using just a single sheet of paper.

In order to make his samurais, archers, and all kind of different warriors, Könkkölä uses a combination of dry and wet origami techniques while avoiding ripping or cutting the paper. Some of the pieces can take up to 50 hours to create, while the whole process from planning and designing to execution can take months.

“There are several hundreds of steps to fold it from the square and there are probably thousands of individual folds,” the artist describes his creative process.

Maybe the most impressive thing about Könkkölä and his origami is that he never had a formal education. He is self-taught and has been perfecting his skills through books and video tutorials for the past 15 years.

Check out more of his works below.