This Happy Dog and Grumpy Cat Have the Most Adorable Friendship Ever

Casper and Romeo have a special bond: they are brothers from another mother. The cute duo lives in New Zealand with their owner Rinsa Li. The smiley dog and the grumpy cat share an Instagram page where their human mom posts images of their adorable relationship.

Their adorable story began thanks to Li’s love for cats. Unsure if she should find a fluffy companion for her six-year-old Samoyed, she decided to bring him to her best friend’s house who just got a cat. To her surprise, the doggo was super gentle and sweet.

Soon after, the family got a new member, Romeo. Despite being his brother scared in the beginning, Casper knew how to handle the situation.

“Romeo is the king of the house but he always secretly follows Casper around seeking his attention; it feels like Romeo has a dog personality and Casper has a cat personality sometimes,” Li told Metro UK and added, that although the cat looks grumpy, in reality, he is a sweetheart.

Now the pair is inseparable. They go everywhere together: From daily walks to longer road trips. And their mom tries to capture the love they share for one another. They currently have almost 40,000 Instagram followers, and the numbers are growing.

Scroll down and check out the adorable couple.