The Color Studies of Luisa Salas

Mexico-based artist, Luisa Salas, studies the different reactions between color and shape, creating artwork that’s both minimal and powerful. A painter, designer, and muralist her work relies on composition, color contrast, and balance. And with almost 50,000 fans on Instagram, her abstract minimalism clearly speaks volumes.

But Salas’ work also includes a healthy dose of playfulness. “I very much enjoy finding new color combos and I adore playing with them as much as possible,” she remarked once in an interview with Society6. “When I first started painting I knew I had to push myself to paint bigger canvases, use different types of paper, find my favorite brushes and doodle on photos I took. Life has guided me into a situation where I get to experiment on every single surface I could’ve ever imagined (even using spray cans for a 90-meter wall!). Even if I don’t like it, even if it’s not painting or design, I keep creating new stuff everyday.”

Her Instagram page is, therefore, a sort of playground where she shares her colorful results. Having worked as both graphic designer and art director, Salas draws from her own training. But inspiration is also found close to home. “To be completely honest, starting out with bold shapes was a mere representation of what I saw in the artwork of my son Lori, who was three at the time I started painting again,” she shared. “I could see how carefree he was—he didn’t have any objective and wasn’t concerned with what anyone would think of his painting.”

It’s this carefree spirit which Salas hopes to bring forward through her art. And with our social media feeds looking kinda blue these days, Salas’ Instagram page is a well-needed splash of color.