Jon Duff Makes the Case for More is More

There’s beauty to be found in chaos. Case in point: Jon Duff’s artwork. His compositions are overflowing with details and color, erupting from canvas or screen. Featured in numerous publications including New American Paintings, ArtMaze, Ambit, and JOIA Magazine, Duff proves that the cream always rises to the top.

His carefree attitude towards art, comes across through his creative philosophy as well. “Make whatever you want,” he advises other young creatives in an interview with Young Space, “because most people don’t care if you make anything at all.”

Based in Brooklyn, where he also works as a curator, his inspiration includes sci-fi and fantasy art. “I’ve been really into sci-fi and fantasy art from the 70’s and 80’s lately,” he noted in that same interview. “It’s all so ridiculously over the top and technically impressive. I feel like I learn more looking at that stuff than any trip to the museum.”

Experimenting with anything from acrylics to Posca markers, his work invites an open interpretation. Here are some of his more recent pieces.