The Comforting Woven Wall Hangings of Meghan Shimek

Adding a soft touch to your home can make it all the more welcoming. Stacked throw blankets, double layer curtains, and large throw pillows are great additions to any home, but if you’re looking for a little more something-something we recommend going big with woven hangings. More of a statement piece, woven wall hangings add an artsy (and trendy) twist to any living space.

Most recently, we’ve taken to Meghan Shimek’s work. Her pieces aren’t for the faint of heart. Large and in charge, their abstract nature makes room for interpretation. “I think everyone who really connects to my work does so on an emotional level,” relayed the fiber artist in an interview with Diary of a Smart Chick. “I hope that my weavings can be healing and bring comfort to those who have them.”

Indeed, there’s an element of intuitiveness to Shimek’s wall hangings, which might have something to do with the artist’s approach to art making in general. Born and raised in Michigan, Shimek didn’t actually start out as an artist, and studied history and nutrition before stumbling into weaving.

“When my son was born, I had been working for a nonprofit,” she recalls. “I decided to stay home with him because my salary wouldn’t cover the cost of childcare in the Bay Area. That’s when I began weaving. I would often stay up nights and wake up early to learn and pursue my craft.”

You can purchase a piece of textile art in her online shop. Shimek also takes commissions and teaches weaving workshops. Follow her on Instagram for more.