The Plant Gal Natalie is Instagram’s Favorite Crazy Plant Lady

Being a crazy plant lady is somewhat of a badge of honor these days since we all know how hard it can be to keep your plants alive. Natalie of The Plant Gal is one of Instagram’s most popular “crazy plant ladies” and she’ll inspire you to become one, as well.

Since joining this social media platform in 2020, Nat’s Instagram page attracted over 60,000 followers, and she deserves all the attention coming her way. Her plant collection is as impressive as it gets, and her posts can help you learn how to take proper care of certain plant species and prolong their life.

If you’re struggling to keep your plants alive, Nat’s useful tips and tricks will help them thrive and bloom. It’s not a shocker that she’s a true expert when it comes to plants—her home jungle includes over 300 different plants and she still can’t stop buying them!

In addition to posting tips that will help you take proper care of your plant collection, Nat enjoys showing off her own plants and sharing videos from plant nurseries and greenhouses in Florida. She’s also a huge animal lover and describes herself as a dog and cat mom, who’s also raising 40+ chickens in her yard.