These Beautiful, Devastating Photos Are Inspired by Water Pollution

We are all well aware of the global problem that humanity has caused nature. Global warming and carbon emissions, pollution of bodies of water, and destruction of natural resources are only some of the ways in which consumerism and neglect on our part have devastated nature.

We have all read stories about tons of plastic being found in the bellies of whales, turtles being unable to breathe because straws got lodged in their respiratory organs, and so on.

People dump tonnes of waste in the sea every year, about 80% of which is plastic. That is why Finnish photographer Markus Aspegren has created a photo series about this toxic relationship between people and nature.

Aspegren’s childhood in the great outdoors has raised him to nurture love and respect for nature. His concern for the environment inspired him to embark on this significant, painful, and beautiful project.

The project includes models which represent the sea, either as sea-dwelling creatures or remnants from ancient mythology – sea deities such as the god Poseidon or mermaids. These models are painted and adorned with plastic objects which pollute the waters, to show how our waste has been detrimental for the water and the life within.

Scroll down to view some of these images: