Artist Portrays Relatable Comics That Encourage Body Positivity and Mental Health

Belgium-based Prudence Geertz is a 27-year old artist, whose art’s growing popularity can be ascribed to its relatability and endearing honesty. Geertz started publishing her art as a sort of comic-diary, a therapeutic way for her to deal with everyday events that bugged her, or emotions and thoughts she experienced.

Upon realizing that many others – especially other young women – related to how she felt, she started increasingly making comics focusing on body positivity and mental health. She hopes that her art can make others feel good and less alone in their struggles.

Geertz herself experienced a sort of trauma when she was studying at art school – where she was often criticized for drawing in a way that was too “commercial.” Due to a scandal related to sexual extortion, which prevented her from getting her art degree, Geertz lost touch with art for some time, feeling disillusioned with the art world.

However, once she started drawing again and saw her art’s impact on the world, she decided to continue creating. Her bad experiences have inspired her to be a strong and encouraging voice for other women, to speak up more, and share a feeling of value and togetherness with her community.

Check out some of her work: