These Cartoons are Super Relatable For New Parents

Before becoming a parent, many people don’t understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be, so different people choose different ways to deal with the struggles – some choose more creative ways than others! 

Debi and Bebi is a fun, Instagram account of a young mom who decided to show what she and her friends deal with on a daily basis. When scrolling through her page you can find heartwarming stories of her kids, but also the unpleasant moments, like when you realize that babies tend to be hungry and loud pretty much all the time! 

Sabrine Lone, the master-mom, says that being a full-time mother doesn’t leave much time to draw, but drawing is still something she needs to do in order to stay sane. Because Sabrine is Pakistani and her friend is German, Debi and Bebi, her characters are also of mixed races, simply because she wanted her daughter to identify with character similar to her.  

Other than showing us what being a mother is like, Sabrine’s profile also gives a subtle critic to the ‘know it all, perfect parents,’ saying that all she wants to do is try her best to be an ‘okay mom.’ By the looks of it, she truly is the world’s ‘okayest’ mom!