These Funny Comics Show What It’s Like to Live as a Ghost

What do ghosts do when they are not going around spooking people? Actually, quite a lot, at least according to the funny comic series Almost 100 Ghosts.

The comic follows a group of “almost 100” ghosts who live together in a big mansion and are engaging in all sorts of afterlife adventures. They tease each other, try to prank Death, get caught up in dealing with existential crises, and even find time to scare the living. 

According to the artist behind Almost 100 Ghosts, who goes by the name of Pavel, he enjoys making up all sorts of funny situations, jokes, and plot twists. However, he isn’t so fond of the drawing side of the comics that much, which is why he decided to give them a simplistic visual style.

“I made the visual style as simple as possible for myself. However, I really enjoy coming up with plots and jokes; time always flies unnoticed when I’m engaged in this activity,” he shared.

This actually turned out to be a great decision. It allows viewers to focus more on the story while the comics still look eye-catching despite not being overly polished. Check out more of them below.