These Highly-Detailed 3D Models of Robots Are Made with Cardboard

Greg Olijnyk is an Australian artist that creates highly-detailed 3D models using cardboard. In Olijnyk’s hands, this otherwise firm and rigid material becomes highly malleable and results in the creation of some amazing pieces.

While Olijnyk makes cardboard models of houses, ships, and vehicles, his most popular works have a sci-fi background. Taking inspiration from science fiction media like movies, artworks, and books, Olijnyk creates cardboard sculptures of robots.

Despite having mainly cardboard, glue, and scissors at his disposal, Olijnyk still manages to make his robots look almost lifelike. The amount of detail is simply stunning, with the artist looking to represent the models as true to the source of inspiration as possible. And not only that, but they can also move.

Olijnyk makes the robot limbs moveable, adding another “wow” effect to his creations. Sometimes he even includes LED lights or glass elements to round up the sci-fi story.

 “Even if, once behind glass, they remain frozen in a pose, I like to know that the capacity is there to bring them to life,” Olijnyk explained in a recent chat with Colossal.

Olijnyk frequently shares his newest creation on social media. Check out some of our favorites by continuing to scroll.