These Two Artists Illustrate Life Stories on Skin

Tattoos are works of art, there’s no doubt about it. But so many people get them today. It’s hard to find the perfect tattoo that will be completely original and unique, a tattoo that will tell your story, and not the same old story everybody knows. How can anybody know for sure that their tattoo is a 100% original idea? Well, that’s where Expanded Eye comes in.

Expanded Eye is a two-person art collective based in Lisbon Portugal. The two artists are Jade Thomson and Kevin James and they happen to also be a real-life couple. They met in design school and immediately clicked both as romantic partners and as artists. They started working together and collaborated on art projects, mainly illustrations.

As time passed, they developed their own unique style: they’re inspired by 20th-century artists such as Picasso and Dali and they combine their styles with modern color block and geometric patterns to create something new and their own.

As they evolved, they started experimenting with new mediums other than canvass. Then, a couple of years ago, they tried something completely new: designing tattoos that tell personal stories. Their clients are handpicked, and the design process is completely personal: the client tells the couple a story from their life, they illustrate it, and then it’s tattooed on the client. No two tattoos are the same, and each of them tells the story of their person.