These UV Tattoos By Jonny Hall are Simply Amazing

When picking out a tattoo, most people want it to be something special and unique. This is exactly what Sidney, Australia-based tattoo artist Jonny Hall provides to clients with his UV tattoos.

At first glance, Hall’s tattoos look like the works of a skilled tattoo artist. They are beautifully designed, realistic, and made with keen attention to detail. But there are plenty of skilled tattoo artists capable of doing that for you. What sets his tattoos apart from the others is the fact that they glow under blacklight.

Hall strategically uses a UV special ink to amplify certain elements of the tattoo, like borders, facial features, and smaller details. The ink is almost invisible under normal light, but when exposed to black light, it produces an amazing effect that makes the tattoo come to life.

According to Hall, working with this special ink is quite demanding, considering it has a thinner consistency compared to traditional ink. However, he doesn’t mind the hassle as it gives his clients tattoos that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

“The one thing I guarantee in my work is absolute pride in every single piece no matter how big or small,” he shares.

Continue scrolling to see some of Hall’s UV tattoos, and maybe get inspired to get one for yourself.