Titsay’s Cozy Illustrations Will Make Your Heart Dance

With her skilled hands and vivid imagination, Titsay is transporting us to a realm of warmth and coziness with every illustration. This talented artist enjoys drawing things that make her happy, and she hopes her illustrations will put a smile on your face and make your heart dance.

Titsay enjoyed playing with colors and shapes for as long as she can remember, and she decided to pursue illustration as a hobby after saving up for her first iPad in 2019. She’s been a long way since then, and her Instagram page is now followed by almost 450,000 people.

Titsay has a degree in biology, and her educational background significantly impacted her work. Nature takes center stage in most of her illustrations and many of them are themed around floral elements and adorable animals.

When she first started sharing her illustrations with the world, she only used her Instagram page as her everyday diary, but it grew into something much bigger as the years went by.  

“I love how I can express my feelings without solely relying on words. Oftentimes, I can’t explain my emotions and I feel isolated. However, when I draw my characters, I feel less alone,” she told Vectornator.