This 4-year-old Recreates Red Carpet Looks Out Of Paper

Sydney Keiser, knicknamed “Mayhem” by her family, is a typical toddler going through typical phases of growing up: getting familiar with new foods, exploring her environments, and trying out new outfits for kindergarten. Unlike most toddlers, though, her fashion sense is evolved beyond her years: her favorite pastime is recreating red carpet dresses with her mom Angie.

It all started when Mayhem asked her mom to make her clothes out of every household item she could find: pillow cases, sheets, towels. Then Angie had a brilliant idea: she suggested that they make a dress out of paper, instead of cutting and sewing sheets they actually needed. Mayhem loved the idea and they went into work.

When the dress was ready, Mayhem struck a pose for the cameras, and Angie shared the photo on Instagram. This soon became a regular event and a shared passion for the mom-daughter duo, and soon they started getting attention online.

Things went on a whole other level when Mayhem’s mom had another idea: to copy red carpet looks with paper.  Angie recreated dresses worn by Taylor Swift, Tina Fey, Jada Pinkett Smith and other Hollywood stars, and shared the photos on Instagram. Mayhem’s takes on these high fashion Hollywood were absolutely adorable, and wen viral overnight.

Today Mayhem is still trying different looks and enjoys playing with her mom, but as she’s growing, she’s getting ready to try new creative outlets. We’re just hoping she’ll stay the sassy little fashion icon she is today!