This YouTuber Makes All Of Her Furniture Herself

It’s a well-known fact that people today don’t really know how to make anything. Most of what we need is widely available, and when one item breaks down, we go and buy another. But there are still people who like to make everything they own – like Cristiana Felgueiras.

Cris is a multidisciplinary artist from Porto, Portugal. She had a degree in fine arts with a specialty in sculpting. But she’s also an amazing handywoman who knows her way around a drill, and one of her passion projects is her YouTube Channel, Get Hands Dirty, where she builds furniture, playing instruments and everyday items from scratch.

Cristiana has been making things since she can remember herself and even worked with power tool at the age of eleven – without her parent’s knowledge, of course. But it was only during her degree hat she developed a passion for woodworking when she was looking something online and somehow found a few woodworking channels on YouTube.

Cristiana has been building furniture ever since, learning all she needed to know from other YouTubers and sites across the web. She’s been sharing her creations on YouTube since 2016 and has done everything from lightboxes to full kitchens. While working with wood isn’t for everyone, it’s always fun to watch her as she takes stacks of MDF and transforms them into the stuff we usually buy at Ikea. But maybe her videos will inspire you to try some woodworking yourself?