This Artist Uses Lasers to Create Incredible Art

When we normally think of art pieces, we think of paintings, songs, or illustrations. The truth, however, is that there are thousands of other forms of artistic expression. Perhaps this is why Instagram accounts like “Red in the Grass” exist—to show us, amateurs, that there can be works of brilliance in places we least expected.

This artist may have only 474 followers on Instagram (currently), but their work is so impressive and advanced that we feel they should have thousands more. Upon scrolling through their Instagram, you’re treated to a series of artworks created with laser machines. The results are truly astounding, and they’re the kind of pieces we’d want hanging in our room.

This artist profession has also expanded beyond the Instagram world. In the “real world”, the artist has a company called “Lucid Laser Studios”, where you can purchase all sorts of works of art, from already-made pieces to custom-made designs. Feel free to check out their Instagram account to learn more!