This Artist’s Canvass is Your Street

Graffiti used to be the bad boy of the art world: it was considered vandalism and most respected artists and critics barely even considered it art. But things have changed, and today street artists are respected, even admired. And that is thanks, in part, to Sergio Odeith.

Odeith is a 41-years-old street artist from Portugal. His first encounter with street art was back in the ’90s when the scene had just started to develop in his hometown. Back then it was still considered less of an art and more of a punkish, childish behavior, but Odeith was intrigued. The idea of getting his art out there, on the street, and using his urban environment as a canvass fascinated him. He started out with simple sketches and was hooked.

Odeith became a full-time street artist specializing in realistic 3D paintings. He covered the streets with incredible drawings of huge birds and marine animals. Thanks to him and to others like him, people started to realize that graffiti doesn’t have to be vandalism and that street art is a great way to make the grey urban landscape beautiful and cheerful. Today, Odeith is a well-respected artist. Cities and private companies commission his work to make their simple brick wall into gorgeous jungles and oceans.

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