This Company is Designing 3D-Printed Footwear That is 100% Recyclable

What if you could get a shoe that fits your feet perfectly, is odor resistant, and can be fully recyclable? Well, shoe company Zellerfeld, which produces 3D-printed footwear, promises all of this and more.

3D printing is not a new thing in the footwear industry, with most high-profile brands incorporating the technology in their design and manufacturing process in some capacity. However, Zellerfeld is looking to use the full potential of 3D printing and is relying on it for it to get all work done.

Zellerfeld’s mission is to produce footwear in a sustainable way while also eliminating the unethical practices of the industry. Their shoes are entirely made out of the 3D lattice and don’t need additional stitching or glue. They can be washed in a washing machine, dry quickly, and are odor-resistant thanks to the material and design.

Most importantly, however, Zellerfeld footwear is 100 percent recyclable. If you ever get tired of them or anything else, the customer can return them, and the company will just make new kicks out of the same material.

Zellerfeld has been developing its shoes for several years now, refining the process and teaming up with a number of designers to develop a series of different models. As of February, the company entered the open beta stage, which will see 15 exclusive models becoming available to the public. More designs are expected to be added on a weekly basis in the future.