This Dietitian Proves Healthy Can Be Fun

Sometimes life lead us to our destinantion in unexpected paths. Abbey Sharp’s path was totally unexpected, and not always easy – but today she’s right where she needs to be.

Abbey is a dietitian based in Canada, but she’s so much more than your average dietitian. She’s a social media personality with her own YouTube channel, a published author and the face behind the lifestyle brand Abbey’s Kitchen. She’s dedicated her time and career educating her audience about maintaining a balanced, well-rounded diet while also enjoying your food.

But her own relationship with food and dieting wasn’t always so balanced.

When Abbey was in high school, she started eating clean, and was praised for her healthy eating habits and attention to her health. In reality, her diet was harming her, Instead of feeling better, she was feeling worse. The diet was darining her energy and affecting her mood. So she decided to learn more about her body and how it functions, and signed up for degrees in nutrition.

That’s when she learned that feeding your body the absolute essentials isn’t all you need to do to keep it healthy. On the contrary, sticking to a restrictive diet can cause a lot of harm both mentally and physically. And that’s the message she wants to spread: eating healthy also means enjoying your food. So she teaches others how to make meals that are not only healthy, but also fun and delicious. And that’s a message we can all get behind.