This Misfit’s Quirks Launched Her Into YouTube Stardom

Rachel “Bunny” Meyer was an outcast most of her life. Growing up in small town in Texas, USA, her quircky personality and eccentric interests didn’t make her prom-queen material. She liked goth and avant-garde fashion, ghost hunting in graveyards and weird fashion trends. Between these and her outgoing personality and unwillingness to blend in, she found herself isolated.

So she started her YouTube channel in college, hoping to find misfits like herself and maybe found a community. And boy, did she found it. Her channel grav3yardgirl focused on ghost unting at first, but soon it expanded beyond that. She launched a series calls Does This Thing Really Works, where she’d test out products she found online. She tested out makeup brands and created different looks, went shopping in thrift stores, vlogged about her haunted dolls and ghost encounters, all in her signature quirky style.

That’s when her career exploded. Her channel became a home for all misfits with fringe interest and no one to share them with. She showed her friend that they didn’t her to be popular or blend in the crowd to be happy – that showing your true colors is the road to happiness.

Today she has over 8 million subscribers on her channel and she’s created a makeup line and hair styling line. She’s been a guest on TV shows and a judge in makeup competitions. But her message to her fans has never changed: love yourself as you are.