This Teenager Hand-Painted Her Prom Dress And Went Absolutely VIRAL

Ciara Gan didn’t mean to become an internets sensation – she simply wanted the perfect prom dress.

Ciara gan, a teenager from Taguig city in the Philippines, was getting ready for her graduation ball, when she decided to design and make her own ballgown. The talented teenager first tried to have the dress made by someone else, but when she wasn’t satisfied with the results, she and her mom took over and created the dress from scratch.

The dress was sewn by Ciara’s mom, and was then painted over by Ciara, who also recorded the pocess on camera, just for fun. When the dress was ready, she tried it on and shared her photos on Twitter and Instagram, and it absolutely blew up.

People were floored both by how beautiful the dress was and the fact that it was designed and made all by this teenage girl! It was shared around and talked about all over social media. Ciara, who was taken by surprise by the whole thing, edited her footage of the dress-making process and uploaded it to YouTube.

The overwhelming response to her art inspired Ciara to open a new Instagram account for her art, which now has over 13 thousand followers. She’s also been painting murals in her city, sharing her life on YouTube and even had a campaign with Adidas.

She’s so talented it’s hard not to get jealous!