This Fashion Icon Became an Instagram Star By Accident

The Instagram fashion world is a highly competitive one, but one fashion icon stumbled upon fame by accident.

Ly Slayter is a 66-year-old professor at Fordham University with a kin sense of fashion who became an IG fashion influencer without even meaning to. According to her, it all started when she was walking the streets of New York during the New York fashion week in her stylish clothes when photographers started surrounding her and taking pictures as if she was an important figure in the fashion world. The photos went viral and launched her into stardom.

Slater grabbed the opportunity in both hands and opened a fashion blog and an IG account, both aptly named The Accidental Icon, to share her thoughts on fashion as well as her daily looks. Her preferred style is minimalist, modern and urban, a style that works very well with the urban landscape of New York.

Her career in fashion wasn’t limited to the internet – she’s since appeared in shoots and major campaigns. Today she’s is much of a fashion icon and trend-setter as many young, professional models, designers, and journalists. If there’s anything we can learn from Lyn’s story, it’s that fashion is ageless.