This Korean Artist Adds Her Own Story to Images

For this Seoul-based illustrator, art is her “soulmate”. Her name is Arim, and she’s a freelance illustrator with 10 years of experience as a phone/TV UX Designer. When drawing her images, the artist mostly works digitally, using Procreate and Photoshop. However, she admits that her favorite medium is watercolor.

She explains that for her, mixing colors is some kind of meditation, and that “the touch and sound of painting on paper can also sound musical.”

“I think that the most important aesthetic is the proportionality and harmony between colors. I try to create the desired mood by choosing matching or contrasting colors. I prefer a neutral color combination, but it is not an easy combination to use,” she shared in an interview for Ballpit.

She finds inspiration in everyday life, books, magazines, movies, and more. However, he always starts his project with a story, even when she is doing a commission.

“I think adding stories is important in planning and designing a new painting. I hope people who see my paintings also feel the stories through them,” she added.

If you’re interested in seeing her fun images, check out the gallery below. Which drawing was your favorite?